Photoshop & OSX?


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Where is the native version of Photoshop?

I am so tired of running classic with photoshop, is there a native version available? If it is a beta where can I find it?
....and no plans. Adobe have said that they're going to add OSX compatibility in each new update, so we might have to wit for 6.5, or even 7... This has lead the more conspiracy-minded to conclude there may have been a falling out between Apple and Adobe.
Wow! I thought that there was already a verstion of Photoshop available for OS X! Guess not! Well at least it works in Classic ok. Where's the info on Adobe, or where can I complain! Jeezzz!!:mad:
I find Photoshop runs absolutely fine under Classic, so it doesn't annoy me too much. Mind you, GIMP looks like it's got the potential to outstrip Photoshop if Abode don't put their fingers out... is fairly comprehensive.

Macsub - there's another thread on here somewhere called something like 'Adobe dragging its feet' where you can find out all the Adobe/Apple gossip and which goes some way to explaining why you may have thought there was already a Carbon version...
GIMP doesn't do CMYK. End of consideration for me.

The only problem I have with Photoshop in Classic is if I let it launch in the background it has a blank menu bar. It's running &all, but the menus aren't there
Thanks for the comments, I think I'll check out gimp. What about graphic converter, how does that rank up compared with gimp? (I dont care for GC too much.)

Thanks again.:cool:
I have to same problem except i encounter it in osx :: if photoshop starts in the background i have a blank menubar....any solution for this besides restarting ps?:confused:
The GIMP is free! GPL'd even.

I have not looked at the latest versions of GC but last time I checked it did not support layers, which is reason enough to not bother with it.

And then there is the GIMP's script-fu which lets the user write their own scripts for calling built-in procedures and plugins. Pretty powerful stuff.

Graphic Converter is a fine tool for what it is designed for - converting and viewing graphics of many different formats. It's quick and lightweight, has nice slide-show and folder browsing features. But I would not put it in the same league as the GIMP or Photoshop when it come to manipulating images.
...which can handle CMYK conversion. The interface take some getting use to, but once you get the hang of it, it is not that bad. There are OpenStep, Yellow Box and Cocoa version (I have a demo running in Rhapsody), the full student version is $333 and the professional is $555 (both less than what photoshop cost).
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I have to same problem except i encounter it in osx :: if photoshop starts in the background i have a blank menubar....any solution for this besides restarting ps?:confused:
I didn't start Photoshop for a while in classic. I didn't start classic for a while, in fact, as I didn't booted for a while in X. :(
This only happens when a new update is released, and I am looking if the problems with the Radeon PCI are fixed.
Anyway, my games don't work.

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I think if I did not start Photoshop by doubleclicking on an image, but start it via the program icon, the menubar was there.
The article he links to offer a few photoshop alternatives. Again I will say Adobe is leaving OS X behind, see some of my other posts, but what it comes down to is adobe doesn't support the mac the way we support them, if you can, find alternatives to adboe products and show them that they cannot screw with the Mac community like they have for the past 5 years.