PHP & MySQL Issues (connecting)



I have finally got Apache w/ PHP4... and MySQL installed. I dumped my database from my Linux box and imported it into MySQL, and it works beautifully from the mysql interface.

Apache is running, and parsing the PHP like a GEM. I have hope of having a portable web server on my Bronze PB to show clients dynamic sites we develop w/o having to have a live Internet connection.

I am having one MAJOR problem... and it might just be my lack of experience in MySQL.

I can get my PHP scripts to connect to the database, cause if I put in a wrong password or username, it will error on it, but if I have a correct one, it will not error... however, it will not process any of my queries!

Queries work fine from the MySQL interface, but not through PHP. The identical scripts work wonderfully on my Linux box.. running similiar versions and configuration.

Any ideas would be appreciated!
I have noticed that when I am using the MySQL client, SQL requests from PHP will fail. But when I am not logged in, PHP works fine.

This probably has to do with the weird threading support for MySQL on OS X.

Try using the PHP script while not logged in to the MySQL client.

You might also try the command 'mysqladmin --flush-tables' from the command line.

- Devon