PHP & MySQL with Apache for OSX -Help


I am the law!
Does anybody have a user friendly tutorial or instructions on installing PHP and MySQL on OSX?
If not, would somebody like to help me figure out how to do it?

I've tried compiling the source using the readmes that come with the distributions, but they have only gotten me into trouble. My box is a real mess now. I think PHP finished installing, but Apache won't start. I think I'm going to reinstall OSX again and see if it cures the problem.

BTW: Do NOT %apachectl restart if you don't have the httpd.conf in the correct place. You get a Kernel Panic.
Follow the instructions on Stepwise to install php with apache. Then DL mysql and use the hack on the mysql thread in this forum. (it just involves editing one line in the mysql-3.23.36/sql/ file) compile and then install.