phpMyAdmin and Internet-Conection


hi :)

i have a iMacDV 500, 10.1 and a miniVigor128!.... usually the line is stable.... but if i try to use phpMyAdmin (in conjunction with PHP and a MySQL-Database) then the line always cuts at the moment, when i try to load an formated database-textfile into the mysql-database...

does there someone know a help???
does it just happen with a particular file? or is it whenever you go to upload it?

yesterday i tried to connect from another station over the internet! Everything worked fine.... so i think, it must have to do with the localhost on my machine!....

no, it's not every file.... it happens if i try to example to sort large databases, import tab-separated files into a table or whyle the IE is trying to build a large data-base site (with lots of fields).... then it happens.....

looks like PHP needs a higher minimum availability of SystemResources while operating with MySQL at localhost, than over the internet???....

(i have a iMacDV 500Mhz and 10.1.... thougt, that should reach?... my largest database has 38 fields and 358 entries... Server is Apache 1.3.20 and PHP 4.0.6... my line has a ISDN-TA with 64kbit...)