Picking OmniWeb 4 Apart


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To start off, is there anyway to turn off that ugly box that forms when one clicks on a link. You know what I am talking about, right? You click on a link, the ugly box forms around the link, and the page refreshes to whatever you just click.

What's with pop-up windows? Is it just me or does OmniWeb opens them pop-ups to the lower left? Did OmniGroup do this intentionally or was it an oppsy?

Another thing about the pop-ups, it seems that the window always open smaller that what is specifies in the JavaScript. It even put the scroll bar and resize even when it says not to in the JavaScript!

The Status Indicator, did the page finish loading or is it just hanging?



I think that OmniWeb should have an optional status bar at the bottom of the window that has a status indicator when the toolbar is collapsed. It could also show the link address or message since the address bar is hidden in that situation.