Picture of the iMac 2!!!!!


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Hey, its your old friend whitesaint, and after investigating carracho with my server for about a day, ive got many useful files and lots of good conversation. I also got the picture of the new iMac. Now whether you want to believe it's real is up to you. I think it is. It looks very realistic and what it says seems very true. But there is always a chance of it being fake. Tell me what ya guys think.


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OH MY GOD!!!!!
That has got to be it. If that is a fake, it is the best fake I have ever seen!!!:D :D :D :D :D :D
It looks soooooooo in the Apple nature!
I sooooo hope that this is real.
I can Honestly say that is the weirdest one I've seen yet.

Time will tell.. And that time is less than two days. :D
This cannot be real.

Just look at the price. for this price, you don't even get a 17" TFT.
It's true if you look at the price it seems unlikely. But now that apple only got flat panel screens they might lower the prices on them, closer to what a CRT cost.

We can only hope, because the flat panel screens are too expencive today.:rolleyes:
look far too much like existing pieces of Apple kit. That one looks like the existing cinema display, with a CPU tacked on. I'm sure Mr Ives will have come up with something a more imaginative than that....
Try this.

In the specs u can read up to 15.2 display.

This mean that there will be more than one screen size available.

The price seems to be too low, however if the smallest screen is a 12.1 o 13.3 ....

A great fake? I don't know.

And now try this one!

...and this (orrible)!

...and this butter block with pig feet (surely a fake)!!! See it and laughf.
It looks pretty damn good to me, if it is a fake, it is a fake that is very well done. I don't think Mr Ives would be embarressed by this design, it has excellent curves and well thought out functionality.

It doesn't look like something tacked onto a LCD display to me, it looks like a modern machine, that has combined form and function.

When you think of the kind of numbers that Apple is thinking of moving, I don't think that price is too unrealistic, although it is a close call. None of us have any idea on the cost of an LCD, it seems people are in 2 minds about those costs - www.thinksecret.com has both sides in a single paragraph: example...

"In fact, one school district, we're told, made a significant Power Mac G4 purchase, and got new Apple 17-inch LCD monitors with them at under $200 each -- around 80% off MSRP"

The issue I do have though, is the descrepencies in screen size - I have a similar image, that specifies a 17" display. - here : http://www.macosx.com/attachment.php?postid=21366

Which naturally leaves us in a conendrum 8)

Only 1 more day...one more day...
hehehehe, shite. some of those guys should go get jobs at PC firms, they designing nice stuff...

ah well, back to the wishing well ...
geez ill be in school at 9AM. I cant believe its tomorrow!! Does anybody know what time it ends? I can view it after its over still right? But still i wanna see it live...
Am i the only one who's seen this picture as far back as april? This isn't a real picture and the site doesn't even make a claim torwards it. You all know that it wolud be pulled iin a heartbeat if it was real. This is just a rather interesting design from a person with a lot of free time, thought i would have to admit they spent their time wisely. The net is full of sites making mock ups like these.
I saw this a while ago, too. I didn't say anything because I thought I was insane;) There was also the same picture but slightly modified to have a 15 inch screen because they thought it wasn't realistic for Apple to have a 17". It was the same thing, but it had the horizontal lines around it (like the background of all the windows in Mac OS X) like on the real 17 inch display. No, it wasn't the same as the one claiming to be a 15.2 incher here, it was different. But I didn't download it. Maybe I am insane and it never existed;)
I just remembered where I saw it: Cube-Zone! They had a link to the site which originally made it.
I have seen a lot of these before...
the artists are pretty talented, :) but they aren't real...it would be awesome though