Pictures Are Not Being Displayed!?


I have a OSX 10.2 laptop with a Sony Camera. I have been able to view the pictures from that Camera for over a year now and yesterday it stopped working. I can take that same camera to a winXP pc, plug it in via USB (just like mine) and the pics are displayed.
I can also share the folder on the XP workstation, and browse from the MAC and get to the shared folder and still not see the pictures. I have also copied the folder from the shared directory onto the MAC and still cannot view the files.I have also tried opening the directory through Adobe PS and it does not see the photos in the respective directory. On the XP workstation it looks fine.

Sony support says it is my MAC, I am tending to agree at this point.

Have I, somehow, changed some sort of viewing settings? Is this possible to be able to see the desktop prefs. files BUT not see image files?


Thank you

By chance, do all the photo file names begin with a '.' [period]?
If so, rename the files (on the Windoze PC) - removing the preceding '.'.

Actually, you can view and rename invisible files (if that is your problem) easily, on the Macintosh.

Go to '' and download 'TinkerTool' (freeware).
Launch 'TinkerTool', click on the 'Finder' icon, click on the 'Show hidden and system files' check box (to check mark it), and then click on the 'Relaunch Finder' button.

Now, navigate to, and open, the folder (of photos) you copied onto the Macintosh. If the files were invisible, due to a preceding '.', they will now be visible. Rename them.

When finished, remove the check mark of the 'Show hidden and system files' check box, click on the 'Relaunch Finder' button, and then quit 'TinkerTool'.