Pictures of T'Pol


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For those who may not have seen it... most of the talk in newsgroups is about this chick...


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And another of her, out of her Trek Costume...


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In the second one she look rally bad (the face I mean :p)
I saw another one from maxim...MUCh better ;)
yeah. I know why I subscribe to Maxim when I get pictures like that...

One thing about T'Pol - I was watching The Next Generation Marathon on TNN last week and there was the episode in which Picard is on the mercenary ship stealing Vulcan/Romulan artifacts. There was a Romulan who says she is actually a Vulcan security force operative (who later turns out to be a bad guy) and says her name is T'Pol. Is the name T'Pol on Vulcan like Mary or something here on Earth?! Or was this a little check to make sure we are paying attention.

Maybe it was the T'Pol from Enterprise and she turns bad... Cool Bad Girl T'Pol. I like it/her.
Maxim is great. I actually subscribe to it. Honest! PRINTED WORDS! on PAPER!

Which is pretty cool, I guess, 'cause I do work in the print industry.