Pinning the dock


For those who like to pin the dock, it's real easy to do if you have the developer tools installed.

Go to the preferences folder in the library folder that resides in your home directory. Double click on

If the developer tools are installed, this will open in the plist editor. Now expand root. Then select root and click the button that says New Child. Now in the box, type pinning. Now under the value column, double click and this will put the cursor there. Now type either start, middle, or end (not quite sure, but I assume it's middle).

Now either quit the dock or logout and log back in and the dock will now be pinned to where you said.
tinkertool 1.52 doesn't have everything working in 10.1 and I couldn't get 2.0 to work as a preference pane. So an alternative to go to the dock and typing in the command which I can't even remember and never did work for me is what I posted above.

But you are correct, Tinkertool does do the same thing.
I've noticed that TinkerTool2PE needs to go in the /Library/PreferencePanes folder and not /Users/your_username/Library/PreferencePanes folder. I couldn't get it to work when it was in my home directory. Have you tried that?

What about the Unix hack? I know there was a unix hack that did it for 10-10.04. But, because of the way the dock script is written in 10.1, I'm not sure where to make the modifications
Yes I tried putting TinkerTool 2 in /Library/PreferencePanes but it only showed up under root and not as my user. I tried chmod on it, but that didn't work either. Also, there are no longer settings in the .plist file in to get the menu choice for pinning the dock. Only ways I have seen it done is either tinkertool or by using the plist editor.
TransparentDock also places a menu for pinning, along with making it transparent.

And you can also type defaults write pinning (start,center,end) to change it (pick one of those). It's much easier than editing the plist file directly.