Pioneer Internal SCSI DVD Drive


Pioneer makes (made?) an internal SCSI-2 DVD ROM drive. My 533DP only came with a CDR, which is pretty good, but these DVD's go for about $100 on ebay. Now I already have an old 6500 case next to my desk with a CD rom drive and a SCSI drive, both SCSI 2, installed in it, with a powersupply, everything else is stripped. I've had a home made drive tower before, but this one is goone be the best. All I need is a SCSI 2 card for my mac and a 50-pin external to 50 pin centronics cable.... but back to the point.
Pioneer has drivers for this drive, but of coarse, they are classic (its an extension) I'm on X. I don't suppose the drive will work anyway? Or I can put the extension in the libraries folder somewhere and it will work? Does anyone have any experience with this?
OS X doesn't like SCSI very much at all. Even people with cards that are listed as supported on the Apple site are having problems. I seriously doubt that 9 drivers/extensions will work for you X. With that being said, I've got no idea what you can to get this work besides begging the manufacturer for drivers.

You may also want to try checking the databasie on SCSI devices.