Pipelines in Intel Pentium


If you've seen the movie explaining the Megahertz myth


well in Steve's Keynote he stated that the P4 used up to 16 pipelines while the G4 only used 8. I'm not sure if those are the right numbers, i haven't seen the video in a while

Now granted this was a few years ago but i was wondering how many pipelines does the current P4 line up have compared to the G5?

And are we to expect too many pipelined Intel chips in our Intel future?
I don't know if it's actually the amount of pipelines as opposed to the LENGTH of those pipelines. From what I've read, the pipelines on the P4 were quite long, which made it take longer if it didn't predict correctly the states (I believe that's what it is). This was one of the many bottlenecks withthe first generation of P4s which is why the last gen P3s trumped it. This is also one of the reasons Intel is moving away fromthe P4 core and going back to a modified P3 design with P4 enhancements to it (larger cache, faster bus, dual-cores, etc).

BTW, this extended pipeline was what Intel marketed as "Netburst." It was supposed to speed up internet processing or something like that.....didn't do it's job well IMO which is why it's basically considered dead by Intel.