Pirated mac software on eBay

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Apple Virgin
I was looking on ebay for mac OSX tiger and came across someone who's selling it for £13.50!
I couldn't believe it so i had a look and this is the description:
Apple Mac OSX 10.4 Tiger on plain white DVD.
Requires you to have a DVD rom player on your system.

Please read my feedback carefully before buying and if you have any queries email and I will be pleased to assist in your purchase.

Please check that your system is capable of accepting this operating system at the Mac OSX website www.apple.com/macosx/

This is the full install version which can be upgraded by Apple via "software update" in the new "Safari" browser. Does not require registration.
I've informed eBay and was wondering if apple should be informed also?
Any way i can contact them?
The guy has made a fortune selling pirated software so he deserves it.
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