Pismo Battrey



Can you help me to trouble shoot as to why my Pismo Laptop battrey will not charge. I thought it was my original battrey so I bought a new one. It came with a charge, two lights but the indicator still registered 0%. I let it charge all day and over night, but still no charge. I rebooted the system several times, put it in the refridgerator, unpluged the computer and let it completely cool off. Please help.

I have the same problem. Sounds like the batteries have finally decided to lose their charges. You might have to buy new ones.
If the lights came on, the battery might be ok, although sometimes batteries will have a slight charge and die when a load is put on them. Can you try it on someone else's machine? If the battery is good, it could be your PMU board. Pismos are pretty easy to take apart if it comes down to that.