Pismo G3 Keyboard unresponsive


I know this is a long synopsis of my problem, but I have been working on this problem for 4 days now, and it is driving me up the wall.
i updated my to system 10.4 with no problems, ran fine for 2 days
Then it wont recognize the internal keyboard. I have 2 other keyboards I have replaced it with, but they show the same problem.

i have removed and reset the keyboard connector
I have reset the PMU, and tried to reset the pram
(but wont work because the keyboard is not
the brightness keys work, the volume keys work,
and the trackpad works, but nothing else. the
caps lock key does not light up and no other key
gives any response. the num lock light is
constantly on, wont turn off. It works fine if I
attach a keyboard to the usb port. there are no
error messages or anything. I have reinstalled
10.3(didnt work) then reinstalled 10.4 (didnt
work) removed and reseated the daughtercard
(didnt work) removed and reseated the ram (didnt
work) tried to start in open firmware, single
user mode, verbose mode (couldnt log into those
modes since the main keyboard wouldnt recognize
those keys pressed down. I have tried with the
battery, ac adapter, both together, both
separate. nothing seems to work.
I have gotten to the point of consistent problems. The optical drive is reading all DVDs but NO cds, whether as startup or on the OSX desktop. There are some apple forums that talk about problems with these drives losing capabilites of either the cd or dvd function over time. i can startup from firewire cd drive wirth no problem. starting up from cd in os 9 (external) or dvd OSX (internal) or hard drive always (22 times retry cold start and restart) gives me brightness, volume and mute key capability, but no other key works. Cannot use open firmware (command, option, o, f) but can log in as single user (command, shift, s) reseated the daughter card, seemed properly seated as everything starts up as it should except for the keyboard. I ran techtool pro from firewire drive, says there are no problems with any hardware or software issues.