Place home directory of user on different partition



I have 2 partitions on my hard drive. OS X is installed on the
first partition. I want to use the second partition for the home
directories of the users. But when you create a new user or install
OS X there doesn't seem to be an option where one can give
the location of the home directories?

Anyone have a clue?
You can move all your home dir stuff to the new partition, then create a symbollic link to the new dir on your MacOSX partition.

to create a sym dir, do this from the terminal:

ln -s [path of target dir or file] [path of new dir or file]

so it would be something like:

ln -s /nonosxpartition/home /osxpartition/home

I don't remember the exact location of the home dir, if you need more help let me know.