Play VCD use quick player

I don't have the links handy. I heard there was an issue with X 10.1 reading the VCD format. You might try FreeVCD or QT from Classic (is that possible?). The other alternative would be to just go to OS 9, copy the relevent files to your HD then you can view them from X as often as you like. I haven't tried reading a VCD in X but I have viewed the files copied to my HD with QT in X.

Someone has an app out that will extract the video files to your HD so you can burn them to a CDR. You still need to boot OS 9. It may be on version tracker.

If you can't copy the file in OS 9 first open it in QT then save it in QT to your HD. Make sure to click (unclick? sorry I can't recall) the box for saving with dependencies when you save the file. You want to save the whole thing as a self contained movie, not just a pointer to the movie.
NO. I don't use classic evironment. Free VCD has only classic version,right?
Why Apple Don't even suply us a VCD player software?
Maybe because most people see the VCD as a dead format. With the rise of codecs like DivX and the interest of people to play those downloaded movies somehow on their standalone DVD player, VCD and SVCD made a great return. I remember....four years ago, when I showed people my VCD and SVCD collection - around 500 anime (S)VCDs ;) - they didn't even know that such a format existed...they heard something about "Laserdiscs", but never knew what it was. Now suddenly, everybody knows what a VCD is and how to burn them (at least this is how it was in Europe over here)...but still, most companies - maybe Apple too - tend to see the VCD as a "toy"...

oh, back to the topic, why do you have problem playing VCDs under OS X.1? Works fine for me! Just fire up the player, choose "open in new player" and point it to the works for me