Play with my Mac!


Want to play with my Mac, just ssh into it with this command from the terminal:


Password: wackymac

Or you can use any ssh program. If your in or running OS 9, you can download a free Mac ssh client at:

Username: wackymac
Password: wackymac
IP Address:

Maybe's he's smarter than you give him credit for.

Maybe he's discovered some hole that lets him back-hack your computer when you ssh in.

Not likely.

Hey, pwharff, what happened after you put out that post?

The fact of the matter is that this was my very ancient iMac rev. b and I didn't care if anything happend to it. Also, it is on a totally seperate network, so there's no way that my G4 466 could get hacked. And finally, the reason I shut it down was not because it's a "bad idea" or worried that I might get "hacked", it was simply because hardly anyone was using it (no one downloading or uploading anything, I had one person download VPC 4). So ... if you want me to turn it back on, just let me know. Also, let me know what you think.
Yeah, let's play hack-a-mac. JK.

Put it up. It's always fun to have a terminal to explore.