Playing a movie on a page within the browser?


How would I go about making a video playable within a user's browser? I have an already-existing site and a video file for the site. I'd like a user to go to a certain page and the video would play directly on that page without the user having to download the file and play it with an external program.

A good example are movie trailer pages– you go to the page and, after loading (streaming?), the video plays directly in the browser.



Enter the following line of HTML code:

<embed src="" width="710" height="556" autoplay="false"></embed>

You would replace:
'" with the name of your movie.
'710' with the width of your movie.
'556' with the height of your movie.
'false' to 'true' to have the movie autoplay when the web page is completed loading.


To see the above code in action, go to '<>'