Please help - finder permanently causing lockup in mavericks - new imac

Mike Ferroni

So I've literally tried everything I know, which is all the basic diagnostics - I've been on the phone multiple times with apple with the conversations finally ending in them being stumped and telling me sorry but I'm going to just have to do a full wipe and restart new.... I can't have that happen right now this is the worst timing as I'm in the middle of two very important projects both dependent on the data on my account on this iMac and I wanted to see if anyone out there has any ideas what I can possibly do to get this fixed....

I have a new iMac 27" 3.4Ghz Intel Core i7 w/ the 3 TB fusion HD and 32 GB 1600 Mhz DDR3 - stock graphic not that that matters really... - what the only real problem is that somehow, at some point finder was told to open like 75-100 instances of the same finder window, something I think on my desktop, like a folder of pictures - but that alone crushes my CPU to where it's using up almost all 32 GB of ram and "not responding" - no matter what I've tried (restarting, rebooting after shutdown, restarting in safe mode, which it won't - and even after talking with apple went ahead and completely reinstalled mavericks!) - nothing has worked even after the reinstall these same windows on my desktop attempt to open and literally build up a black border there are so many stacked on each other, and there is no way to relaunch finder at all! it just returns to that state....

is my only option really just wiping EVERYTHING?! i donthave any of the most recent stuff backed up ( i know so stupid) but i can just let it go - i've tried coming at it from a guest account but most of the folders are restricted and i can't operate my user profile enough to change that i don't think...

any ideas or help would be sooooo appreciated - this is my living and it's really got me worries - thanks anyone in advance.... any questions i'll respond as quickly as i can to - thanks again..


Rosie Moderator
Staff member
Back up your files to an external hard drive !!!! Important files for your project need a back up just in case you are forced to reinstall the OS.

You may want to take it in to an Authorized Apple tech to have them look at it, but that may take time for them to find the culprit.

Does it just continue to open folders, or does it eventually stop? Have you checked what is listed in your log in items (system preferences>Accounts)

Can you go to Home>Library>Preferences? You need to delete the following files: (and the lockfile) (and the lockfile)

Restart the computer, then empty the trash.