Please help me with Screen Settings


I tried to change my screen's aspect ratio yesterday and apparently chose one that isn't compatible with my monitor. Now the screen is dead and I can't change it back. I tried hooking it up to a friend's monitor , but even after I changed it back, my moniotr wouldn't show anything. I'm using an Envision LCD moniotr model number EN-7000e. Can anyone help??
umm - there should have been a fail safe mechanism to prevent this very situation.

Normally (in mac OS X), just before you change the display settings the OS system automatically comes up with a pop-up window for which you have to press "OK" in order to proceed. It states:

"About to change the display mode...
If your display becomes black, wait 15 seconds or press the Return or Escape key to revert the display mode back to how it is now."
(For clarity - once the settings have changed another pop-up window appears asking you to confirm the new settings or it will revert in 15 seconds...)

So, provided you waited 15 seconds the OS should have automatically reverted to your original settings. But obviously this didn't happen. Since the display settings are determined by the OS and you have used a friends monitor to manually change the settings back... I fear you might have damaged the monitor.

However, I'm not too familiar with LCD monitors and their limitations. Maybe check around for a reset switch??? Maybe try your monitor on another computer???
Sorry I'm not too helpful... Anyone else???
Lt Major Burns said:
cheers riccbhard! i've been wondering about those for a while now...

I also for a long time wondered; "what is stored in PRAM?"

This would cause me too look twice whenever someone suggested resetting it. And then I found that page that says what is stored in it; whew. I now know :)