please help with my g4 ibook

jamie malone

hello kind people.i have a huge laptop starts up fine,the fan makes its breezy sound and the keys chirp as they always did,but there is no sign of life within the screen.we were on google when the problem occured,the screen froze,then we were forced to turn the laptop off,then upon restarting it,the screen produced the apple sign on a bright screen as normal,then it began showing lines horizontally and flickering,i then restarted it after five minutes,the same apple sign was visible,then the lines across the screen from top to bottom as before,but then upon restarting it the third time,the screen is completely dead.only an audible pulse(the caps lock and number caps lock light up,i type in my pass word on the main screen from memory and i can hear the volume keys moving up and down upon me using them,but that is all.i am thinking the screen has given up,but what a strange set of circumstances it would have given up in,i would have thought if a screen was tro give up it would be very sudden,and without a frozen screen.anyway,i appreciate your help on the matter i am an illustrator(at the beginning of this career)and i have always been traditional in the way i work,mainly pen and ink,recently i was asked to learn the programme illustrator and i had just began when this terrible affliction transpired.howllllll.i need my laptop back.i got the computer second hand ,the warrenty is no more.anyway,enough of my rambling.thankyou for your help.jamie
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Hate to say it but it sounds like a logic board. Probably cost you about $280 to repair through Apple.


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As tk4two1 mentioned, take it into Apple. Sometimes you might find the surprise that they'll cover the entire cost.