Please help with nt/mac integration...


OK, I'm going to admit that I am oh so very desperate to find an answer to this haunting question. Now I realize that this is an OS X forum, so I'm hoping there are more than a few mac vets in here. Ok, onto my problem:
I am running a windoze nt 4.0 network. My NT box has service pack 6a installed. I have 2 macs which are running OS 8.6 and OS 9.2. My macs are the problem here (no offense anyone). I can go to a one of my macs, doesn't matter which one, and connect to the network and the network share icon is put onto the desktop. So far so good. When I open the share, I only see 1 file and 3 folders. There is a lot more data in there than just that, so if I go to Word or Photoshop to and go to file>open I can see ALL the data in the network share. That is my problem and I would desperately like to fix it. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.