please urgent problem


please i need to uninstall osx
can i uninstall it without uninstall os 9.1 if so what i have to do?
are the two on the same partition?
If not the answer is easy, simply reformat the partition with OS X on it. If both systems are on the same partition, you have a problem. As far as i know, there is no actually uninstall procedure. The best i can recommend is to delete files that you know are part of OS X

Applications, but not Applications (Mac OS 9)
System, , not "system folder"
Documents, Make sure you take out things you need first!
The Mach Kernel and other misc. files.

That should eliminate the bulk of OS X's files.
OS X will also no longer show up in the startup disk panel.
Whatever you do, Backup everything first.

That said, and if everything is on one partition, why not boot into 9.1 and delete the OS X System folder? This won't get rid of all the X stuff but it's a start. You can continue to backup and delete files a few at a time to see if it's OK to trash 'em.

Or, Copy all the 9.1 control panels, extensions, prefs, etc to a backup disk, reformat the drive and re-install a clean 9.1. Then add all your old files back.

However! I believe OS X does something to your 9.1 system. I'd check with people more knowledgeable than I am before doing this...
Deleteing OS X is e z. Boot into OS 9, use res edit to unhide all the hiden items it puts at the root of your hard drive, then send all the OS X stuff to the trash.