plist settings?


I understand that I can edit via the file in the ~/Library
I tried to open the file but can't find any way to...

How can I open these files?
if you have the dev tools, the plist editor will do this for you. otherwise, just open the plist up in some text editor, and slog through the XML.
If that isn't your bag, bust out a terminal and type:
defaults read
to see what's in the plist, and then you can apply the many dock hacks with
defaults write xxxxx
where xxxx is the particular hack.
I tried to add settings in the plist, but now typing the command read, I see that by trying to change a command that was not originaly there, I added it. Of course, this setting is not usefull and i'd like to remove it, but how?
As the previous poster said,
Delete the text within a text editor or get Apple's XML editer. I am not certain if there is a command line to delete XML entries.
Actually if you do 'man defaults' on the command line you'll see the available commands - including 'delete'