Pls Help: OSX Server Problem...


my client using OSX server and only do netboot for Mac , it is working very fine about 10 months, the apple file server process is keeping around 10-20%, mostly 30%. but recently, the whole system had become unstable, the workstations sometimes very slow when netbooting, open document become very slow after booted up, we check the process viewer on OSX, the apple file server process sometimes going up to 70-90%, but it is not constant, sometimes will back to normal at bout 10-20%. we didn't add any new component on the network so far.....
whole office has about 20s Mac(Some IMac, Some Powerbook, all netboot), 1 OSX server, 1 email server, 1 ASIP file Server, 1 Retrospect Back up Machine to remote back up these 3 server.
Anyone have this experience or anything I can do except reinstall the OSX server?
Thanks all!
I'm sure you've done this, but I thought I would ask first. Have you brought down the entire systems to an off state and then brought them back to the original up state? this often gives system a chance to lookfor and fix small problems that can effect performance. Also if Server is shoot off with out shooting it down it'll run a check on it's startup volume when restarted (that would be the next thing I would try). You could also check the TIL to see if Apple has come accross this problem or the Mac OS X 1.x discussion pages to see if other admins have had the same problems that you are experiencing. I'll check into as well.
I haven't found anything that exactly matches your problem so far. Are you still having the problem, and do you have anymore details?