Plugging my guitar into my Ibook...


Hi, I've had this plan to plug my guitar into my ibook, but It doesn't seem to work, i'll explain what i'm doing, and any help would be aprecciated.

Here's how its set up...

My Electric Guitar.

Cable connecting guitar to amp. (Amp works fine with this setup).

Cable coming from Headphone Jack on Amp (Please not that the Headphone Jack is that same size as the Input Jack on my guitar).

1/4 to 1/8 adaptor connecting cable to headphone Jack on my Ibook.

When i do this, though, nothing shows up in the Sound Input system preference, I've read arounf a bit, and people say you need an audio in slot, Ibooks don't have these... What can i do to get aroun this?


Kent Durvin

You have connected your headphone jack on your amp to your headphone jack on your iBook. They are both outputs.
The iBook does not have an audio input, but you can get one. The Griffin iMike is one device, and it even does a better job at converting the analog signal to digital than the built in input on Macs that have inputs. It connects to the Mac with USB. It has jacks for input and output, and a switch to select microphone or line level signals on the input.
For your prupose, use the line level position, and connect your guitar directly to the input. The jack is for 1/8" phone plug, the same as most headphones. The guitar will be on one channel only.
You could also connect your Mac to your amp for some serious sound. Same cables, but from the output to your amp's input. Again, one channel only. If you want stereo, you would have to split the signal from the plug, and connect to another amp. Radio Shack might have an adapter, or you could learn to solder and make one.