Pmac G5 Superdrive Errors


First of all let me thank all the volunteer staff that make this website possible.

I have a Single 1.8 ghz Power Mac G5 with Super drive (4x). I'm currently having trouble burning DVD's. The drive reads DVD's & CD's fine but not burning.

When I try iDVD 4 I usually get the error message, 0x76, 0x03. Also when I try using Toast 6, I get the same errors. Some time iDVD unexpectedly quits too.

Now I think the errors are saying the problem is a bad disc. BUT I can use that same disc in our eMac (8x speed) and it works fine. Also we have a iMac G5 and it seems to have the same problems.

I've tried another brand of DVD-R and still no luck. This seems to have happened around the time I upgraded to Tiger and QT 7 Pro. I'm up to date on all my software updates too.

Any help would be very appreciated.

Chris P.
Media Director
Destiny Christian Center Intl.