PocketMac !!!!

A couple of guys here have new iPaq's (h3670's with the cool piggy back PCMCIA slot with 802.11 cards stuffed in) and they look pretty sweet.

Being able to sync one of these with my office computer AND my mac at home would be awesome.

Yet another reason for me to get airport at home.....

Wow, thanks for the kind words :)

Thanks again for your support and continued interest! We're really proud of this product and we hope you will be, too.

As soon as I get my Brand Spanking new iPaq H3870 I wanna get that software :D

I wanna be able to sync my contacts with outlook so I will probably go with the Pro version :)

Keep up the good work :D
I'm simply amazed. This thing looks so sweet, and would be the answer to my problem of what new handheld to get. I'd been completely ignoring the iPaq since it wouldn't be able to sync with Mac. Well... guess the rules have all changed... I'll definitely be getting the pro version.

If this works as well as it looks like it should, I just might be able to stop missing the Newton so much. :)
I wont give up on my newton 2100 yet :D
I like my newton but the iPaq has some features (like true wireless conenctivity) that my newton lacks ;) ... I love my newton! Its a great machine! Vive!

Also the iPaq gives me an opportunity to check out the PocketPC OS :D
Don't give up the Newton quite yet. I read in the Apple discussion area on their support page in the Newton section that someone is creating software to use an Airport card for your Newton.

Go to http://discussion.info.apple.com and click on "Older Apple Products" and then click on "Newton."
I am not quitting on my newton :D
People are still wowed by it, and it STILL kicks major PDA arse ;)

I WISH someone could update the communication stacks of the NewtonOS though to make the Ir port work with cell phone Ir ports. The reason I am getting an iPaq is that I *can* connect wirelessly with a mobile phone, and as a backup to my newton 2100.

There is a program called Backtalk for the newton that provides obex (or whatever) stacks that can make the newton communicate with palms and some phones, but not windows CE devices, more recent phones (I think) and psions. Its a shame cause the program has a good idea but only one person working on it.

I wish that apple would resurect the newton, it was one kick arse device, and it if has the size and weight if an iPaq it would just be one cool device! The OS is very functiocal and can probably outfunction PDA OSes even now! Imagine with more "modern" modifications what this new newton could do...

Oh well.. I am dreaming again (it doesnt hurt...does it??? :p)

Hi Admiral,

I am sure you will keep us posted when you will receive your iPaq, but when do you expect it to arrive? Will you have accesories like a Wireless LAN card? I believe your model will also have Bluetooth, right? Will you be using it together with a GPRS/Bluetooth phone as well as with a wireless LAN en synchronisation on both PC and Mac?

That is what I will IF it works out fine. Maybe you can share with me what your expectations are in this respect?

I was expecting it to ship this past week (the 7th) BUT it's such a hot item :)eek: ) that compaq put off shipping till the 20th or the 30th of this month!!! :eek:

I have a Bluetooth GPRS enabled phone (ericsson T68) as well as a plain GSM phone (Nokia 8890). I will be using the iPaq as a companion to my newton, try to mirror as much as I have on my newton on my iPaq. I will make firther use of the iPaq checking my email while not at home (well really really far :p). When I vacation I would like to check my email but I dont really want to go to NetCafŽs and waste time. So on the go would be my thing, while transiting from athens to whereever :p

I downloaded newtourage last night, I will put the contacts that I dont have in my newton into my newton frm newtourage, the sync both of em, so when my iPaq comes, all I will need to do is sync my iPaq with my Entourage and all is cool (theoretically). The worst thing is having to make changes in 2-3 places when some data changes he he.

I think the only accessories that come with the iPaq are the software CD, a USB cable, and the docking cradle. I really dont need a wireless LAN card since there is no Wireless LAN at my work/school, and none at my house. What I might consider is IBM's 1GB microdrive. If my friends have USB on their PeeCees I cac take my cradle with me and suck any MP3s I want off their system and bring em back with me.