This may be a question for my car forums but I'll ask here as well.

My 2015 Honda Fit connects via bluetooth to my iPhone. In the past, it would automagically play music pretty much where it left off except when I updated the iOS or the Apple Music app. Life was beautiful.

Then I bumped into some podcasts that I had been curious about and downloaded some of them. Two different subscriptions. They are both still active. And I listened to the podcasts in my car.

As a side note, I also listened to an audio book a while back. In that case, I had to select the audio book each time I got in the car or it would go back to the music app.

But now, I can't get the podcast app to not come up first. It still has unplayed episods that I suppose I could mark as listened to but I'm not sure that would work.

My question is, how do I set my preference of which of the three or so apps come up first when I hop into my car? I've tried fiddling with the iPhone as well as the settings in the car and nothing seems to address this concept.

Any hints or clues?

As a second item, it seems that podcasts do not sync between devices. My Mac, iPhone, and iPad don't know that I've listened to a podcast or subscribed to a podcast. There doesn't seem to be any connection to the GLORIOUS cloud. Is that right or am I missing something? (like a life perhaps)
Answering your second questions first - Podcast is going through some changes and I think the one hand doesn’t quite know what the other is doing.

On the first question - try opening the app/cast/tune you want before getting into the car (assuming you automatically connect bluetooth).
Thank you for the reply. That is pretty much what I'm doing -- either before or after I get in the car.