Poll: Which Day will Mac OS X Arrive?

Which day this week will Mac OS X 10.1 be Available to the General Public?

  • Monday (9/24)

  • Tuesday (9/25)

  • Wednesday (9/26)

  • Thursday (9/27)

  • Friday (9/28)

  • Saturday (9/29)

  • It won't be available this week at all!

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Fark Lover
It seems like copies have been floating around for quite some time now. There are even copies that have been deemed (probably not by Apple) as GM. So why haven't we been searching them out and installing them? I know some people have, but I seem to be hearing quite a few this time around (including myself) who are specifically waiting for the official release from Apple.

Why are we waiting?


Simply Daemonic
I've been trying to download G64 since saturday :p
Servers freeze, stop, restart, queues get lost, then from the beginning again...its so damn frystrating :p


Although I've yet to see any mention on MacCentral.. it's reported that Steve announced this morning around 9am and that it would be available on Saturday..

read: news.cnet.com