I just downloaded Pong 2001 from Apple's OSX download page last night, and had nothing but problems from the get-go.

The download itself went fine, but once I installed it, the paddle control keys wouldn't respond (even after trying to change them in preferences). Then, I quit and tried to relaunch, and it bounced, and bounced, and bounced... Obviously, I couldn;t force quit it because it wasn't running yet...

Needless to say, it spiraled out of control, and eventually led to my first forced restart since I installed OS X on March 29th!!!! Funny, you'd often think it would be the larger-bloatware programs filled with complex programming and such that would cause problems... Pong was a simple 800K download, and I was very excited to have a mind-numbing game around (besides Tetris!). David and Goliath, I guess...