Pop Access to Yahoo Mail Using Macintosh Mail V1.3.11

Jay B

I recently joined yahoo mail for an email account and also payed for Yahoo Mail Plus so that I could use POP access. The program i use for emails is 'Mail' v1.3.11 on my macintosh. I have configured the account as instructed (i.e. incoming: pop.mail.yahoo.com). I have been able to send out emails from my yahoo account using 'mail' but am unable to receive any new emails through my 'mail' program. I can still receive new emails if i access the account through the external website. What am I doing wrong?
I'm not sure how Yahoo's POP access works, but if their instructions give you a POP-host (pop.mail.yahoo.com as you've said) as well as a login and a password, you should be fine. Gmail, for example, requires you to do some 'magic' with SSL. Is that the same on the Yahoo system? Can you explain here what Yahoo tells you to do in the instructions? (Just replace your user name and login with something made-up...)
thanks for your help mate. You're right ... i should have been fine. I just needed to specify that I wanted to put this 'account' online in the 'mailbox' setting of the mail program ... and it started to work. Problem solved.