Pop-up Windows


Though not something i would use personally there are a lot of you on this forum that want pop-up windows. Someone has created an app to do this. Look on Version Tracker and you will find it.
For some reason when I read the thread title/subject I thought of MTV's pop-ups during music videos lol :p ....

that would have been a nice easter egg :p boot up into "pop-up" mode and everytime you try to do something this info panel shows up for X amount of seconds saying something like "while we were doing this steve jobs was....." :p

hilarious :p
That would be pretty cool.

btw Admiral I believe that VH1's show but its the same network so it doesn't really matter.
Pop-up video is definitely VH-1, but MTV has incorporated similar little things in their shows now. TRL has the video pop-ups of thekids in Time Square requesting the Top Ten videos of the day. Oh my god, I'm actually admitting to watching Carson Daly... I should shut up now!
Ha ha hilarious :p
I dont have cable so the only time I watch MTV is when I travel to europe and watch MTV europe (which is free by the way). I like the music they have in europe so I download a lot of music vids. Almost none of em have the VH-1 or MTV logo lol. A lot have a triable like logo (I think it is northern european, german possibly) and I have a few from RTL.

In any case, that was off teh subject, on the subject --> we want easter eggs lol... (let the hunt begin!...who knows maybe there *is* a pop-up mode he he he )
So, let the hunt begin... everyone do the following:

Open a Terminal session.

At the prompt type 'defaults write com.apple.Finder AppleShowAllFiles YES'

Type exit.

Close the Terminal, log off then back on, then go to town, you'll see everything.

The first one tofind a true "Easter Egg" of a feature wins the Grand Prize.... what that prize may be is entirely up to... AdmiralAK... hehe... LOL... hahaha... man, I crack myself up....
I think that easter eggs are being looked down on by most of the higher-ups in several software companies. Lately you only really see them in shareware/freeware apps.

The closest thing to an easter egg in X is the slow genie effect, though in the dp3 or dp4 release you could hold down control-alt-delete and get a message that it wasn't dos. I think they removed it though, it was probably something left over from NeXt anyway.