Popping sound from speakers

Captain Code

Staff member
This is a weird problem that I'm having. I had an older set of speakers with my G4 that after a while would go silent. If there was a system sound that played it was most likely not heard through the speakers. If I adjust the volume up and down with the volume keys on the keyboard, the speakers make a pop or crackle sound and the sound comes back from the computer.

I thought it was just the computer because I got new speakers and it still did it, and when I put the old speakers on a different computer, the speakers don't make this popping sound ever.

Now, I have a new G5 and these newer speakers are doing the same thing again. So if it's not the speakers and it's not the computer(can I really get 2 that both do it?? :( ) what else could cause this?

Keep in mind that the speakers don't seemingly go off and come back on when I hook them up to another computer.

I can't believe that both these computers would have this same problem. Especially since I can't seem to find anyone else with a problem like this.

So what else could cause this? Something in the environment around the computer? It's in the basement if that helps anyone.

I've read about grounding problems causing weird pops or cracks but I don't know if that could be the problem or not. I have everything from the computer plugged into a surge protector which is grounded to the wall and house ground. This ground is attached to the water main coming into the house.

Subwoofer is sitting on the concrete floor but would that really cause any grounding issues? It's a plastic case so it really shouldn't ground to the floor.

All the connections are fine, but this has been going on for 5 years or so. I am only investigating this now because I thought it had something to do with my G4, but now it obviously isn't that.
Could be the earthing on the speakers. Are you able to plug the speaker power into another point? Run an extension lead down from the house, maybe they don't like the power surger or something.....
Well, plugging the speakers into a different plug made no difference. It's funny cause the computer that it was doing it on with the same speakers which is in a different part of the house now doesn't do that anymore. There's some voodoo going on in my basement :confused: