Populating Tiger Web Server From An Ad


I am setting up a 10.4.2 server to provide web space for our students. I have successfully made a BIND to our AD. We have users home directories on a separate server that will be used just for file services (homes). I want to use the same account information they login with to authenticate to the web server via FTP and get a second home (or just the sites folder) So my question(s) go

What is the best way to populate my web server with AD users that have already got home directories on another 10.4.2 server? Am I trying to sync the AD with the OD for this?

I can see all the AD accounts in WGM but cannot figure out how to use the info so that homes are created on the web server and allow users to FTP into their sites folder using the same login and password as they do for regular authentication and file services.

This is my fist attempt at building a web server so sorry if this all seems a bit green. Any tips guidance ideas URLs greatly appreciated

It would be nice if I could just drag and drop the users I see in the AD users list in WGM to the local directory in an other WGM window.