Port of PostgreSQL to OS X


Has anyone ported (or tried to) PosgreSQL v7.x to OS X?

Tim Perdue has written a very interesting comparison of PostgreSQL 7.1 (CVS pre-beta) versus MySQL 3.23.26 beta, using production data from SourceForge, at http;//www.phpbuilder.com/columns/tim20001112.php3
I tried to port/compile Postgres 7 (7.02 I think) on OS X in mid September. No luck. I first go stuck with Configure erros... Fixed those.. and then ran into Make errors. It's been a while - I can't remember the details. I'd really like to get Postgres installed though. MySQL seems to lack a lot of cool features (like rollback).

I talked to a couple people who once tried to port Postgres to a Next Cube... nothing usefull came of that.

I'm still very interested.

MySQL supports Rollback, silly ! (It's configured to Auto Commit by default though) What is doesn't support is transactions, ie. multiple queries rolling back as one.

If you manage to ger PostgreSQL compiled I'd be interested in testing it.
I have 7.1rc3 of Postgresql running on three 4k78 boxes. There's an error sometimes in the install. Do it all over again and it works (for me). Two cubes and one b/w.
Yes, Postrgresql does port to Darwin/Mac OSX. It has been ported since 7.1rc2, it's at 7.1rc4 now. goto ftp.postgresql.org - It's better than Mysql IMO