Porting OSX-apps to *NIX


So. We all know that all of a sudden the available programs for the Mac rose about a thousand percent when OSXpb was released, all *NIX apps that have been ported and are waiting to be ported or get a new nice GUI.

What about the *NIX world? What did they get? A new neighbour, true. But a greedy one. It just takes all apps without giving any back! So, this is my question; how hard is it to convert applications from OSX to *NIX? or more important: will it be done?

Are we going to turn into that nice neighbour that actually gives back as much as we get or will we stay greedy?

I think you're living in a fantasy world where "about a thousand percent when OSXpb was released". Please dude name ONE unix app which is being ported to OS X instead of recompiled.

All current unix ports are NOT getting a new UI, they have the same old crappy UI and that isn't going to change. In fact they are not ports, merely recompiles to run on X11 (XFree86 4, Xvnc, or Xtools).

To put it another way the mac world gets nothing. The unix side of OS X gets a load of crap few people will use.

There is no trade here. There is no exchange of unix apps for mac apps. There are only unix apps or mac apps, nothign has changed. Mac apps remain mac apps and unix apps remain crappy pieces of shit.

(oh no! eunuchs are being exploited! get lost loser!)

If you want to port Cocoa apps to unix use GNUstep at http://www.gnustep.org/