Ports used for MacOS and iOS updates


I'm going to complicate my life since that always leads to more frustration and... hey! we can all use more frustration!!! :)

I want to enable QoS on my router and then tell my Apple products to keep themselves updated. My problem is I have a fairly small internet link that can easily saturate for many hours when a big update comes over. So I want to tell my router what the bandwidth of my connection is and then prioritize the packets via the ports used (which all seems to be what my router's QoS can do). It can also limit the bandwidth per port and perhaps per device. The manual seems several years out of date from the firmware but you probably get the idea.

The router can't seem to tell me in real time what is consuming the bandwidth. The finest it can tell me is split three: hardwired, 2.4G and 5G usage.

What ports are used by Apple's software update for MacOS and iOS? I fear that it is the old traditional http (80) and https (443) ports but I'm hoping its not.

And... does anyone here have experience with QoS and trying to adjust it as outlines above?

Thank you... I'll report back what I find / discover but it may take a few months of trial and error.