Possesed OS X


There is something definatly satanic happening inside my mac. Basically, almost any program i run, crashes. And some when they crash, cause the screen to turn blue, display the grey spining circle, and do, what appears to be, a log out, and log back in, with all my previous programs closed. I'd tell you what version i'm running, except any attempt to access the apple menu causes this, "blue screen" to pop up. I've never seen anything like this in the 2 years i've owned my mac. I am completely stumped, if anyone has the slightest idea of what this may be, or needs more information regarding the problem, please don't hesitate to ask/respond
I have had this problem before on a powerbook of mine.....twice. The only solution, after days of trying other things was to do a CLEAN INSTALL, not an archive install. THEN, VERY IMPORTANT...upgrade the OS to the version you actually want (eg. install from 10.3.5 cd's then update to 10.3.9) THEN install any apps. Somewhere on my personal computer I have a program that disrupts the upgrade process. So anything other than this proceedure is a waste of time. You have a corrupted finder and/or underlying system corruption.
You'll need to do a fresh install like pipermalibu said. What I suggest is format your entire hard disk (resetting your drive to zero's using Disk Utility on the Mac OS X install CD) then install the system fresh. This should solve your problem and whatever files are corrupt should be fine.
. . . keeping in mind, of course, that formatting your hard drive will erase everything on the drive (sorta). Make sure your backups are good.

Yeah, i was afraid that was my only solution. Thanks for all the feed back, looks like my mac has a date with the knife, so to speak.
I sympathise just having got my Mac back after 24hrs of frustrated wrestling with countless gotchas.

My experience is, for the 3rd time now, I get a clean blue screen with a live cursor on it and nothing else.

My only solution has been a clean reinstall which I am thoroughly sick of.

Unbreakable Unix? Ha! Pull the other one!

Mr Jobs will be doing his Animal Farm impressions again today, when he explains his way out of why he got us to go down the PPC route.

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