Possible to Remap Keys Just In Finder?


It seems so bizarre that I have to hit Command + Down Arrow to open something in the Finder by the keyboard. The logical thing is to hit Enter. It opens most everything else everywhere else. So can I remap it? Just for Finder? Then I guess I need to remap the Enter key (since that's used for renaming - I wonder who thought that one up?) to something else. I'll think of something.
Well, "enter" is, of course, the logical key for renaming a file - and Apple-DownArrow (or Apple-O) is the logical key-combo for moving down in the folder hierarchy. If your history isn't Windows, that is.

Those shortcuts are systemwide, not just in the Finder (take a look at open/save dialog boxes...), so I'm not sure whether you can (or even should) change them in the Finder. Why not simply adjust to the system here?

Btw.: "F2" sure makes much more sense for renaming. ;)