Post OSX install OS9 booting


Can anyone do this on there machines? I can get OSX running if I install it on the first partition over OS9, however all my attempts to boot into OS9 have failed.

In OSX I select OS9 from the system disk control panel, restart and it freezes halfway through the extensions loading. Now this is on a reformated HD w/fresh install of OS9.0.4... After that freeze I zapped the PRAM and restarted, no dice and then OSX became corrupted somehow.

Whats really wierd is that booting from the OS9 CD is flaky now, I had to install OS9 about 12 times before it could complete the installation with no crashes...! Anyone seen a similar problem and how is that possible?

Anyway I love OSX and would really appreciate any advice on being able to dual boot OS9 and OSX.


G4 Yikes 350
384 RAM
ATI Nexus

Cheers, Tony