Post your winblowz desktops here

Ha ha! That's about right. I can remember way back in the day when I was actually looking forward to the release of Win 98, but then I found out it sucked and removed it within the same day. The ol' MS relationship has been in the toilet ever since, which is why I have several Macs now.
Oh, I would post my Windows desktop, but it's always the same thing: default green background with disk icon shortcuts along the right. I never care about Windows enough to customize it as much as my Macs. Although Win 2000 does make a hell of an Appleshare server in a pinch.
There used to be a website that faked the process of de-installing windows and installing MacOS in its place. There were all these text messages scrolling past, then it showed the happy mac and sounded the startup noise, and booted into a fake mac desktop. Don't have the url though :(

Anyway, the only "Windows" box I have here is actually running Debian Linux and doesn't have a monitor. Actually I'm not even sure if windows is still installed on there; i think i reformatted somewhere along the way... hmmm
I should have worded the title better - I was looking for Windows bashing desktop pics, not you windows dt shots.

Actually, I'm sure that the interesting anti-Windows pictures outnumber the cool looking Windows desktop screenshots by a factor of Avogadro's number.
Well, here's an OS X desktop with windows 3.1 and 98 on it. And an Apple II GS!



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Those are three separate emulators I think

Bernie II the rescue (IIgs)
Softwindows w/3.1
Softwindows or VPC w/ 95
Admiral's got it right except for the Win98. That's just a VNC connection to my desktop computer, so it's not really running on my computer at all.

AGP? Who needs it? I've got a 100Base-T video card!

Let's see who can post a screenshot with the most OS's running inside Mac OS X! (VNC probably shouldn't count)