Postfix Woes


I'm want to use Postfix on my 10.1.3 machine to set up disposable mail aliases to control spam. I installed it with fink; I got it configured for my domain and can receive mail for root and my main user account just fine, but I can't seem to get aliases to work.

I'm trying to follow this sequence of steps:

1. Edit the /sw/etc/postfix/aliases file to insert the aliases that I want:
gtien: gino
gene: gino
2. Build the hashed file: sudo postalias hash:/sw/etc/postfix/aliases
3. Edit aliases_maps = hash: /sw/etc/postfix/aliases
4. Refresh Postfix: postfix reload 

The problem occurs after step 2 when I try to build the hash file: postalias runs for 10+ minutes without terminating. Maybe they're using some really fantastic hashing algorithm, I don't know, but 10 minutes for 2 new entries seems a bit ridiculous.

Any thoughts or guidance?