Power Adapters - iBook - PowerBook


Hello everyone,

I have a quick, seemingly random question.

Are the power adapters for the G4 iBook, and G4 Power book the same?

Specifically speaking to the one that connects directly to the laptop. The square white one in the case of the iBook.

Crazy question, but an answer would help me out a lot!

Thanks all.

- Harvey
Yes they seem to be the same. I can only speak for the 12'' Powerbooks - I used the power adaptor of my boss's 12'' Powerbook with my ibook G3 700MHz without problems. I believe you can even use the "ufo" poweradaptor from the early G3 Clamshell ibooks on current gen models.
To my knowledge they are the same. If you purchase one from the Apple store, you will find they are universal.
you can plug them to each other.
ibook and powerbook adapters work with each other.
powerbook 17" has a differnet adapter, with more power, but even the smaller powerbook and ibook adapters work wiht it - jsut will not charge it (so it will work, not get cahrged).
also, ibooks and smller powerbooks get charged and work fine with powerbook 17"s charger.
Thanks guys, I was wondering about the 12" models of both the iBook and the Powerbook. Great seems okay! Thanks for the info.