Power Book G4 Not Starting Up


I am trying to fix my friends powerbook g4(gigabit ethernet).The story is as follows: He was watching a pirated DVD (naughty naughty) when the computer froze and shut down and would not start again. The DVD is stuck in the drive. He took it to be serviced
and was told the mobo needed replacing. I thought this seemed excessive just from a corrupted DVD.
When trying to start up, there is no chime, HD or fan noise, but the caps lock and F5 lights work. I have tried resetting the PMU but to no avail. the battery charges fine and the PSU (white brick) pulses between green and amber.
Is it possible that it has been unwittingly left on (easy to do with only the caps lock and F5 lights to indicate power) and the CPU has overheated?
Any comments would be very apprieciated.

Many thanks,



try resetting the nvram from open firmware
also make sure screen brightness is turned up all the way and yes it is possible to fry ur logicboard although rare
it seems the dc in board is at fault if the adapter light is pulsing try pick up a replacement and fit it to see if that helps !