power supply netgear wpn824 & airport express


I recently bought a wpn824 from the U.S, and brought it to africa. I took the power supply and plugged it in....you guessed it - boom!. The power supply smoked up, but luckily the router was safe. I realized the issue was the voltage. U.S is 120 and we are 240. I borrowed the right adapters from a friend and it worked. What i want to know is, can the router take a straight input 240 volts power supply seeing as the 120 didn't last, and the router did, or do i need to stick to the setup i have which is a 120 volt input power supply plugged into a 240 volt converter adapter. Reason is I need to return the setup i have.

Also I would like to know if i can use an airport express to bounce the signal from the netgear, are they compatible?

And will there be a new airport express coming out soon with maybe "airmovies"