PowerBase Mac Clone Upgrade to OS X?


Just wanted to see if anyone with a Upgraded Mac Clone, like my PowerComputing PowerBase, has successfully gotten OS X to work on their machine.

My configuration is:
PowerComputing PowerBase 240
Powerlogix Daughter Card w/ G3 333 zif
ATI Orion video PCI card
Orange Micro Firwire/usb PCI card
160 MB of RAM

How about it? Any response is appreciated.

I would really not try if I were you.. Go to Install forum, and you'll see posts of people who tried but got burnt. The motherboards on clones are significantly different and so far there is no workarounds (although they are being worked on).
Try this site, it had some info on installing MAC OS on older Macs recently.

I have a Power Tower Pro 225, and it seems possible, I might try it.


Once there you might need to search for the info.

Cheers good luck
Hey gents,

I've had some success installing OS X 10.0.3 on a stock PowerComputing PowerTower Pro on a 2 gig Jaz cart using the utility "Unsupported Utility X" (can be found on VersionTracker). Unfortunately the doc that comes with the utility states some PoCo models are unsupported (PowerBase being one, sorry szepeda).
I did this more for fun and curiosity than for a viable OS. So I would suggest if you are interested in trying this that you make a full back up of your current boot drive. I can't see that trying an install would damage any components. Perhaps corruption of your NVRAM but knowing were the reset buttons are would help in that instance.

Have fun.