Powerbook 17" Superdrive Problems


Need to burn a dvd, was going to use toast, but i put the blank dvd in, and it just spits it back at me, no error message or anything.

Now that this has happened, i recall sometimes when i try to burn a cd through itunes, it spits it out - usually i just put it back in and it works. max 2 times in a row it has done this to me. i estimate it does it 30% of the time.

is there a firmware upgrade i should download? or is the problem more complicated than that? the disc just spins in the drive for awhile and then spits out.
Buy a CD/DVD drive drive cleaner. It's a disc with little mini brushes. That fixed the problem for me.
I don't recommend any drive cleaner. Only consider this when there are also issues on reading pressed CDs or DVDs. Try different media and see if you have the same problem. I would recommend Verbatim media.
However, which 17'' powerbook are you using? There are firmware hacks for the 17'' alubook.