Powerbook 3400c 200mhz


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We have a Powerbook 3400c, 200mhz/48mbRAM/2gigHD... has built in IR, 10baseT Ethernet, AppleTalk Serial Connection (modem/printer), SCSI, VGA Video Out, ADB port, and 2 PCMCIA ports.

Modules include FLOPPY & 6x CDROM. Battery is good, but doesn't last as long as it did when it was new.

Includes Powercord, and ORIGINAL BOX the system came in!

Extras we will toss in to make this more attractive:

(1) 28.8 XJACK Megahertz PCMCIA Modem Card
(1) HD15 -> Centronics 50M SCSI cable

$500 OBO.

Expect to pay around $25/shipping.

If interested, hit the PM button below to send a private message.