Powerbook Airport Wierdness


Running on a 12" Powerbook with 10.4.2. Had a problem installing updates from Apple after doing an upgrade to Tiger.

Read on this site a suggestion to reinstall Tiger using an archive update. That worked great, updates from apple came in fine.

My mac was always been able to connect to wireless networks at home a work throughout all of this. But we recently installed some more Access Points at work and I was using my Powerbook to test the coverage.

I realised that the little signal meter in my menubar is always pegged 100%. Which doesn't make sense.

And when I try to open Internet Connect, it just sits at "Loading Internet Connect..." I can access the bluetooth and VPN panels OK, by click on the airport panel does nothing. And if I click around enough, eventually the application crashes.

For the most part, my wireless is working fine. But I don't seem to be able to roam between access points as I move my laptop around the office. Also, I have a Widget called Airport Radar that seems to be able to display signal strength just fine.

I'm not sure if this problem was around before my second Tiger upgrade or not. The only thing I remember being different after the second upgrade was that my bluetooth icon moved on my menubar.

Thanks for any suggestions you can give me.